Which season should hair transplant be done in?

Which season should hair transplant be done in?

Hair transplants can be done throughout the year without the need to wait for any specific time of year. Because hair loss of patients will increase in some seasons, patients can decide when to have a hair transplant by observing themselves.

When deciding on the operation date, the patient should consider that it is forbidden to swim, sunbathe and go into a sauna for a while if they have the hair transplant in summer. If they have it in the winter, they should consider that they need to be protected from the cold and to protect their head with cotton and loose fitting hats.

During the early recovery period of the hair transplant, slight scabbing and redness may occur in the treated areas. In order to prevent these complaints from coming into contact with the sun, the patient should not go out for the first three days, start wearing a hat after three days, and wear a beanie after ten days if the hair transplant was done in the winter months. It is also very important to use sunscreen before going out in the sun.

In addition to these, it is important that the patient waits for hair loss to stop completely rather than waiting for a certain season or month to have a hair transplant. Otherwise, even if hair follicles are planted in balding areas some areas will continue to be bald after the transplant, since hair loss has not stopped completely. Thereforer, the patient will need another hair transplant since the appearance will be satisfactory. Although hair loss continues in some patients, if it is atl least 60% complete and the time of intense shedding is over, a hair transplant can be performed. Therefore, people whose intensive shedding period is over and their hair loss is 60% complete can book an examination appointment for hair transplantation.

The chances of success of the hair transplant can be increased by paying attention to the rules to be followed after the procedure. After a hair transplant, it is very important to protect the operation areas against trauma and impacts. When choosing the right timing for hair transplantation, the patient should make a choice by considering the rules that they will have to pay attention to after the transplant.

The rules that the patient should pay attention to after the hair transplant are as follows:

  • The patient should choose a period of four days in total including the day of the procedure, so they can have enough time to rest after planting.
  • Since swimming, sauna, Turkish bath and sunbathing should be avoided for at least 3 months after hair transplantation, a time period should be chosen accordingly.
  • Treatment areas should not be exposed to very hot or very cold weather after hair transplantation, thus spring months should be chosen for the procedure.

How is the process after hair transplantation?

Tthere are rules that must be followed after the procedure in order for the hair transplant to be successful, and the patient must know what awaits them during this process.

  • If the hair transplant has been successful, it takes an average of 9-12 months after the procedure for the patient to get the desired appearance.
  • In the first three months after the operation, the transplanted hair follicles are shed and replaced by permanent and new hair follicles. The patient should know that this process is normal and should avoid stress.
  • After the hair transplant, cigarettes, alcohol and herbal tea consumption should be avoided; in case the taking blood thinners was stopped under doctor’s supervision, they should be started again only under supervision.
  • In addition to a balanced and regular diet after hair transplantation, natural products should be preferred instead of chemical-containing lotions, creams and shampoos, also vitamins and nourishing care products that support hair loss treatment should be used.
  • The first wash should be performed at the hair transplant center. Following that, attention should be paid to washing the hair in the same fashion as it was done in the hair transplant center. Washing hair with pressurized, very cold or very hot water and appyling pressure can cause the hair transplantation process to fail.
  • If the patient chooses the best hair transplant center for themselves, they will be helped by their doctor about these processes and what to pay attention to.
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