Nasolabial Filler

Nasolabial Filler

Nasolabial filling treatment is one of the non-surgical applications that people are in demand. Nasolabial filling, which is a kind of aesthetic procedure, is applied to the face area. It has been a procedure preferred by everyone to eliminate the lines formed from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. The problem is eliminated by injecting filler into these lines on the face.

Everyone has a little line formation in the area between the nose and mouth. In some people, these lines are very deep, causing a bad image. It is enough for women and men who are bothered by these wrinkles to apply to an aesthetic clinic to get rid of this negative image.

The lines on the rim of the mouth are defined as the most important sign of ageing, as it is common in everyone. These lines on the face cause the person to have very tired and saggy skin. Elimination of lines is also possible with nasolabial filling. Usually, everyone has an opinion about fillings. However, it is not possible to know all of them as there is more than one specific type of filling. It is necessary to contact a clinic to have information about nasolabial filling.

Who Can Have Nasolabial Filling?

People who will have nasobial fillings are those who complain of some lines in the mouth area. This disturbing image can be removed with a short operation. Although most women prefer filling operations, some men also prefer to have nasolabial fillings. Since the filling operation does not have any drawbacks, anyone who wants to get rid of the line problem immediately applies to a clinic. Since the operation was short, this type of filling was more popular. Anyone who wants to have a beautiful appearance can have this operation.

What is the Cause of Nasolabial Line Formation?

The reason for the formation of the nasolabial line is based on many factors. Line formation can be observed in each individual for different reasons. The line is innate in every person, but in some, it gets deeper with age. Skin dryness, using too many mimics causes the lines to become more pronounced. As these lines begin to become clear, the person looks unhappy, tired and at the same time old. These areas are started to be filled through the nasolabial filling. The person can continue his life without any damage to the mimic muscles.

How is Nasolabial Filling Made?

Before the nasolabial filling procedure, local anaesthetic cream is applied to the patient. In this way, the area to be treated becomes completely numb. Since general anaesthesia is not applied, it is easier for the patient to return to their previous state. As technology is constantly developing, new treatment methods and substances have begun to emerge. For this reason, hyaluronic acid is also used in the filling process, which is frequently preferred today.

Since the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, the patient does not experience pain and pain. During the operation, filler material is injected into the mouth area with fine-tipped needles and the line appearance here is tried to be eliminated. After the filling process is completed in about 15 minutes, the person continues his daily life. The effect of nasolabial filling takes up to 12 months. Since 12 months is a serious period, the preferability of treatment increases more.

There is no harm in getting the patient to have a nasolabial filling once a year. There are rumours that the skin will be badly affected when too much filling is applied, but this is not the case. How long the operation will last vary from person to person. Since the enzymes in the person’s body break down the hyaluronic acid, the number of enzymes significantly affects the activity of the filler.

When Should Nasolabial Filling Be Done?

The time when nasolabial filling should be done has been one of the most curious issues for this treatment. We see line formations in the mouth and nose area of most people around us. These streak formations appear to occur with advancing age. However, sometimes even young people can have very deep lines. Since these lines create a very bad image for the person, it is requested to be treated with several methods and eliminated.

It is seen that nasolabial filling is necessary when the lines around the mouth begin to become prominent. However, when the operation will be performed, it usually varies from person to person. The face shape of the patient also determines the time of filling. Although older people generally prefer this operation, some too many people have the operation even at the age of 25. It is recommended that young people wait until the age of 30 to fully realize their lines.

Is Pain Felt During Nasolabial Filling?

It is not uncommon to experience pain in a nasolabial filling operation. The reason for this is that the filling is done with local anaesthesia. Local anaesthetic is for complete numbing and numbing of the area. General anaesthesia is not needed in this operation. When the bug is put to sleep with general anaesthesia, it takes more time to get up. However, only by numbing the area, the person can stand up in a short time after the operation and continue his life from where he left off.

If local anaesthetic cream is not applied to the area, it is very normal for the person to feel pain and pain. However, if the area is anaesthetized during the operation, the patient will not feel anything. Because the procedure is painless, everyone is more inclined to nasolabial filling. After a painless operation, the person will have a perfect appearance. People who see that someone around them have this filling done, take courage and apply it to the clinics. The filling is done with the help of small needles and the effect lasts for a very long time.

How Long Is the Effect Period of Nasolabial Fillers?

The effect of nasolabial filling differs from person to person who has the operation. It is very normal to see oedema and swelling in the patient after nasolabial filling, which is an aesthetic operation. These side effects continue to be seen for a few days after the operation. Once the patient has the filling done, he or she is discharged immediately and can return to work. However, it is recommended to be checked regularly. Approximately 1 week after the filling, the control is performed and the filling is more settled.

The duration of the effect varies depending on the person’s metabolic rate and body structure. Generally, the nasolabial filling is repeated 2 times at 6-month intervals. After these two sessions, it reaches a sufficient level. After these sessions, it should be done regularly once a year. This once-a-year renewal filling is done to protect it more. Permanence varies between 6 months and 24 months, depending on the nature of the products used in the filling. With a continuous filling, the life of the filling is further extended.

Who Cannot Have Nasolabial Filling Procedure?

People for whom nasolabial filling is not recommended are primarily pregnant mothers. Since pregnant women are more sensitive, they can’t be suitable for every operation. Injecting a substance into their body is considered a risky situation for the health of the baby. The same is true for breastfeeding mothers. Since the substance is passed from the mother’s milk to the baby, it is forbidden to drink drugs. It is not considered appropriate to inject a substance into the body with the filling operation. It is possible to resort to filling operations after stopping breastfeeding.

What Should Be Considered After Nasolabial Filling Operation?

Precautions to be taken after nasolabial filling serve to prevent all negative situations. As with any operation, it is possible to have some complications while performing this filling. Since the filling process takes a very short time, it is possible to immediately recover and adapt to daily life. The operation is easy, but the patient needs to pay attention to his movements and behaviours after the operation.

It is strictly forbidden to apply a cosmetic product to the patient’s face within the first 4 hours after the nasolabial filling. Less use of mimics is also among the issues to be considered. It is very important to stay away from hot water for 1 week after the filling and to take a bath with warm water. This is necessary so that the filler fits completely on the face and does not cause a problem.

Does Nasolabial Filling Procedure Have Risks?

The risk of nasolabial filling is minimized as a substance containing hyaluronic acid is used. If fillings containing this substance are used, a problem-free filling operation is performed. Oedema and bruising are not seen in every patient. Some people have a more problematic healing process due to their facial features and body structures. Oedema and bruises are more common in such people.

However, there is no need for patients who notice oedema to panic. Oedema loses its effect after about 48 hours. After 48 hours, the person’s oedema decreases and the bruises pass. The filling takes effect approximately 1 week after the procedure and all risk situations of the person are eliminated.

Is Non-Filling Treatment of the Nasolabial Region Possible?

The methods of treating nasolabial filling are not limited to filling only. It is known that filling is applied on the laughing muscles to reduce the prominence in the nasolabial region. The filler reduces the clarity of the lines and also helps to elevate the cheek. This application has started to be preferred by many people because it shows the facial features more beautiful.

Doctors will tell you which treatment will be more appropriate according to the patient’s condition. Some light lines can be resolved with some exercises. However, those who want a long-term treatment are directed to filler treatment. It is recommended to be repeated to gain excess filling volume. Different brands of hyaluronic acid-containing materials are preferred in filling applications. It is possible to learn the appropriate filling method by contacting the clinics.

Can Permanent Filling Be Used to Fill the Nasolabial Line?

Permanent filling application to the nasolabial region is not recommended. Because permanent fillings are likely to cause some complications in the patient after the procedure. Since this possibility is high, some doctors hesitate to apply it. After permanent filling procedures, it was observed that the filling was displaced. The formation of problems such as some glands on the skin surface is also a side effect of permanent filling. In such cases, the health of the person is seriously affected. Since the nasolabial filling is applied to the face area, a permanent filling is seen as a very risky application. The superficial filling to the smile line is sufficient to create a smooth appearance.

How Much Does Nasolabial Filling Cost?

The cost of nasolabial filling may vary depending on the clinic centres and the patient’s condition. Filling pricing is shaped depending on the brand, amount and expertise of the filler to be used. At least 1 ml of filler is applied to each patient. As in all filling procedures, the depth of the groove on the edge of the nose and the number of injections that the doctor will apply to cause the price to increase or decrease.

The nasolabial filling is a procedure completed in two sessions. The price of these two sessions is usually taken at once. People who do not attend the second session pay the additional money when they will have the operation again. Since the prices vary, it is possible to apply to a clinic and determine the price for the patient after detailed examinations.

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