PRP Hair  Treatment

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP treatment for hair loss was previously unknown to everyone. But today, with the development of technology, the fact that the treatment gives even better results has helped the person to hear the name of this treatment. With hair PRP treatment, it is tried to prevent some problems that the patient has with his hair. Before starting this treatment, the patient’s blood is taken, processed and then reinjected into the scalp.

The most important factor that distinguishes this hair treatment from other treatment methods is that the procedure is performed with the person’s blood. Thanks to PRP, which is platelet-rich plasma, the necessary vitamins and minerals that the patient needs are injected into the scalp. According to scientific researches, thanks to the injections of this plasma, the hair grows quickly and gains a more lively appearance. It is possible to hear that everyone around us has some complaints about their hair.

Usually, strong, thick, shiny and non-shedding hair is the dream of everyone. As a result of the PRP treatment, the person can achieve the appearance he/she dreams of. From the moment PRP is injected into the scalp, it increases blood flow and thickens the hair strands. PRP treatment, which has made a name for itself, has achieved great success in the field of wound and tissue healing for many years.

Everyone who heard the positive results started researches on PRP hair treatment and decided to apply this treatment after making the necessary accumulation. Hair loss is a problem that everyone experiences nowadays. Especially during the seasonal transitions, this shedding is considered quite normal. However, these people try to cope with the problem of hair loss in the case of seasonal transitions. To prevent hair loss, PRP hair treatment is a one-to-one solution for controlling weakened and losing hair.

What is PRP?

PRP treatment means treating the hair with platelet-rich plasma. Thanks to this plasma, thin and weak hair strands are thickened more, and at the same time, serious problems such as hair loss are prevented. The cause of the hair loss problem should be investigated first. Because sometimes a malfunction in the body can manifest itself with hair loss. When a doctor is consulted for this problem, the reason for the shedding becomes clear as a result of the blood test. PRP treatment is not used as a surgical hair transplant method.

This process is only known as a hair treatment that helps strengthen the hair from the root. Especially in recent years, PRP technology has taken an active role in the healing of wounds and tissues. This technology has also been proven by scientific studies and has started to be preferred by more people. Thanks to the substance injected into the scalp of each person who decides to have PRP treatment, the hair follicles are strengthened and hair loss is completely prevented.

With the reduction of hair loss, the psychological state of the person has started to get better. Because the hair that is constantly falling out and the worn image cause the person to lose his morale every time he looks in the mirror, and this situation affects the daily life of the person very deeply.

What Benefit Does PRP Application Have for Hair?

The benefits of PRP treatment to the hair are quite high, and therefore, PRP treatment applications have started in most clinics. PRP is defined as platelet-rich plasma, which indicates that it is blood plasma containing much more than the number of platelets present in the blood. The growth factor in the platelets helps nourish the hair. These growth factors also stimulate hair follicles while the person is asleep and have an effect such as accelerating collagen production. With the acceleration of the production of the college, the hair strands become stronger and thicker.

In this case, it makes the hair look more voluminous and dense. First of all, blood samples should be taken from people who want to find a solution to their hair problem with PRP treatment. It is processed in a special device to separate the platelets in the blood plasma. All platelets separated from the blood are injected into the scalp and hair loss treatment is performed. Hair PRP treatment is a treatment method that is suitable for people whose hair is thinning and breaking off and who are constantly trying to cope with the problem of hair loss.

How is PRP Hair Treatment Applied?

PRP hair treatment operation is a treatment method suitable for all men and women. However, because women are generally individuals who care more about their appearance, PRP hair treatment is more popular. Hair loss has become a very common problem for both men and women. Regional hair loss or male pattern baldness is among the problems that can be encountered in both genders.

Since these problems we mentioned are a type of hair loss, it is possible to prevent them with PRP treatment. Using platelet-rich plasma in the treatment of hair loss will minimize shedding and further strengthen the hair strands. Before starting PRP hair treatment, the doctor listens to the patient’s complete complaint. If a decision is made for PRP treatment after the necessary examinations are made, blood is drawn first.

The blood taken from the patient is centrifuged and thus platelet plasma is obtained, which can be used in hair treatment. This plasma, which triggers growth factors, is very effective in ensuring the regeneration and healing of the tissue. Before starting the PRP treatment, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the area where the procedure will be performed. The purpose of applying this cream is to numb the area and make the patient feel less pain.

After waiting for a while, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the scalp slowly. After the injection process is completed, the patient’s hair is carefully washed. Since PRP treatment is not a treatment that affects the daily life of the patient, the patient can leave the clinic on his own after the procedure. Since PRP is not a surgical procedure, the patient can stand up and there is no harm in driving.

What Should be the Frequency of PRP Hair Treatment Application?

The frequency of PRP treatment is usually recommended once every two weeks. People who want to completely control hair loss should follow this recommended situation. If people who want to prevent their hair problem regularly apply PRP hair treatment for 3-4 months, they will realize that their hair is getting stronger and they are now in a normal shedding routine.

A hair loss problem is a situation that everyone experiences and is considered normal. It is okay for a healthy person to shed 100 to 150 strands of hair a day. However, people who have intense hair loss problems every time they take a shower or comb their hair should consult a doctor and choose between treatment methods. PRP hair loss treatment can be recommended by doctors and as a result of this treatment, the patient’s problem can be eliminated.

What are the Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment?

The advantages of PRP hair treatment are that the person gets healthier and more beautiful hair as a result of the treatment. Since PRP hair treatment is known as a cellular treatment method, it is seen as healthier by everyone. Since the person’s blood cells are used in the PRP treatment method, the effect of the treatment is greater.

With this treatment method, especially applied to people with thin hair, platelets are injected into the required area and growth factors are activated. As a result of this treatment, the hair strands of the person become thicker and this provides a more intense appearance. PRP hair treatment does not only help the person to change physically. It is a condition that affects the psychology of the patient as well as the physical.

People who deal with too much hair loss are very depressed and this causes them to become more withdrawn. However, with the application of PRP treatment, Aslı can get more voluminous hair and get rid of the problem of shedding. This helps to regain lost self-confidence.

Does PRP Hair Treatment Grow New Hair?

There is no such thing as the hair regrowth effect of PRP treatment. In other words, people who do not have any hair cannot observe their hair growth thanks to PRP treatment. No other method other than hair transplantation can provide hair growth in the balding area.

PRP treatment is a treatment method that can be preferred only in cases such as excessive hair loss, weakening and difficult growth. To increase the vitality of the hair follicle, stimulate hair growth and repair the hair texture, most experts take the lead in resorting to the PRP method.

What is the Effect Time of PRP Hair Treatment on the Skin?

The duration of the effect of PRP treatment can vary from person to person. Anyone who has undergone PRP treatment may notice that their skin becomes brighter and has a healthier appearance afterwards. Generally, it is necessary to supplement with additional skin rejuvenation applications by doctors. If 3 or 4 cures prepared for PRP application are repeated in an average of 10 months or once a year, the rejuvenation effect will be almost permanent.

Are There Any Side Effects of PRP Treatment?

The side effects of PRP treatment on the skin, however, are temporary, so there is no need to panic. When PRP treatment is applied on the scalp, conditions such as minor swelling, pain or bruising may occur in the area. The procedure must be performed in a sterile environment so that the area where it is applied is not infected, and that the doctor attaches importance to hygiene. Conditions such as swelling and bruising in the area are not very common. The reason for this is that PRP treatment is performed with the patient’s cells. People who are treated with their cells do not observe any extra side effects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Cannot Have PRP Hair Treatment?

People who do not find PRP hair treatment suitable have to resort to other treatment methods for problems such as hair loss. Unfortunately, people who use blood thinners and people who have had or still have cancer cannot have PRP treatment. Since the treatment is done with the blood taken from the person himself, people with various blood diseases cannot benefit from this treatment. At the same time, people who have any inflammation in the area, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers are not considered appropriate to have PRP.

How Much Does PRP Hair Treatment Cost?

The cost of PRP hair treatment can vary according to many factors. Especially the clinic where the application will be made, the type of PVP treatment to be performed and the number of sessions deemed appropriate for the patient cause the price to decrease or increase. Because PRP treatment is applied not only to the hair but also to many parts of the body. Price changes occur for each applied region. PRP prices are affected by a single session or sessions within the package. People who receive a package for hair PRP treatment pay a more appropriate fee than those who receive it as a single session. There is no clear price indication on the internet. Therefore, it will be more beneficial for people who will have this procedure to contact the clinics and get information.

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