Before Hair Transplant Operation

Before Hair Transplant Operation

If you are using any medication or lotion to prevent hair loss, you need to stop using it 2 weeks before the operation. You can continue using your shampoo. One week prior to the operation you need to stop taking aspirin and/or similar medications.

You are advised not to smoke starting from the morning of the operation and for at least 36 hours post-operation. You are advised not to consume alcohol 1 day before and 5 days after the operation. You should also minimize your consumption of caffeine and green tea.

On the operation day, you can take a shower and you must have breakfast before coming to hospital. Wear clothes with buttons on the front side or a zippered sweatshirt and choose comfortable shoes.

In the tests performed before the operation we check Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. If any of
these tests is positive, we will unfortunately cancel the operation.

The painkiller given you during the operation will allow you to have a comfortable night.

Additionally you will be explained in detail about the medication you should use.

Warnings and advice about the post-operation will be explained to you by the doctor at the end of the procedure.