How Many Hours Does Hair Transplantation Take?

How Many Hours Does Hair Transplantation Take?

How many hours the hair transplant will take depends on the size of the area where the transplant will take place. If the area where the patient is complaining about hair loss and thinning is large, this can be up to 8 hours, while in small and limited areas, an average of three hours may be sufficient. In addition, if the area is large, 2 or 3 sessions may be needed, as well as taking a long time. If the patient does not others  to know about the procedure, a period of about 15 days is needed, meaning they would need take two weeks off from work, if they do not have such a concern they can return to their social life 2-3 days after the hair transplant.

Hair transplantation can be done with various methods thanks to developing technology. The method of the procedure also affects how long the hair transplant will take. For example, DHI is a hair transplant method that takes more time than the FUE technique because the procedure differs. Apart from this, the number of grafts to be transplanted is another factor affecting how long the procedure will take. Regardless of the method of hair transplantation, it consists of collecting hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them into the recipient area. Therefore, it may take several hours for the hair follicles collected from the donor area to be transplanted to the recipient area. As we mentioned above, a smaller receiver area makes the process take a shorter time, while a  larger receiver area takes more time.

What are Hair Transplantation Methods?

FUE is a hair transplant method using advanced technology. With this method, since the hair follicles are collected one by one from the donor area and transferred to the recipient area, the risk of bleeding is less and the healing process is shorter. The FUE method is an easy and comfortable method for the patient and is the most affordable of the hair transplant methods.

Sapphire FUE is the classical FUE method combined with today’s developing technology. Sapphire FUE is a hair transplant method applied with the help of a sapphire-tipped pen, which is obtained from natural sapphire stone and does not harm skin tissue. Using this method, channels are opened in the recipient area with a sapphire-tipped FUE pen and faster results are obtained, less bleeding and faster healing are achieved. Sapphire FUE method is advantageous in that it does not cause any harm, has a high recovery and success rate, less pain and bleeding after the procedure, and the fact that the materials used in this method are disposable and sterile materials, so the risk of infection is low and it provides a natural appearance.

DHI is a more technologically advanced hair transplantation method than FUE, which means direct hair transplantation. With this method, a special implanter pen called CHOI is used, which should only be used by experts. With this pen, hair follicles are collected one by one from the donor area, stored in the pen, and transplanted into the recipient area without opening a channel. Therefore, this method is more advaned than other methods, as well as providing comfort and convenience to the patient. Since the DHI method is more complex and requires specialized experience, it is more costly than other methods.

Although hair transplant processes are not all the same, they follow similar stages. In all hair transplantation methods, local anesthesia or sedation is applied first in order to prevent the patient from feeling pain and discomfort before the procedure. Afterwards, hair follicles are collected from the donor area and transferred to the recipient area. The doctor’s work in hair transplantation is limited to this, but what’s important here is that the collected hair follicles are transplanted at the same angle and direction as the existing hair follicles, because this is very important for a natural and aesthetic appearance. The patient should be very careful before and after the hair transplant, as the patient’s acting in accordance with the recommendations and rules of the doctor before and after the operation will ensure a successful result.

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