Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy treatment has been the most preferred treatment method in recent years. Everyone wants their hair to be well-groomed and beautiful. To achieve the desired appearance, many different types of care products are used. Like our body, our hair also needs vitamins and minerals regularly. Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method applied by injecting mixtures of vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the scalp.

After the injection procedure, the substances settle into the hair easily and begin to nourish the hair follicles. This hair mesotherapy has generally been a treatment method preferred by people who have hair loss problems. This method not only prevents hair loss but also thickens thinning hair and helps the hair to have a more lively and shiny appearance. There are very few people who are completely satisfied with their hair.

Anyone can want their hair to look livelier or go completely bald without shedding away over some time. Today, many external factors can cause our hair to become dirty. These external factors are all environmental factors, especially air and water, to which everyone is being exposed to. The reason for hair loss is not only due to pollution, having irregular sleeping patterns, dealing with stress and being nervous all the time can be shown as the main causes of hair loss.

All environmental factors and the psychological state of the person is the biggest enemy of the natural beauty. In our body, especially the hair is one of the areas that is impacted by all the changes that occur in a person’s life. Preventing hair problems has been much easier than trying to deal with the problems experienced. However, the number of people who take preventive measures for hair problems before encountering any problems is very small.

Application of Hair Mesotherapy?

The application method of hair mesotherapy takes place with microinjections. Vitamin and mineral supplements used for hair mesotherapy can be said as a one-to-one method for hair growth and development. The amino acids and surface expanders required for the hair are injected directly into the scalp and the treatment is expected to be effective. The mesotherapy method is known as a very effective method for scalp and hair.

There are many cosmetic treatments available to deal with hair problems. Hair mesotherapy has also been one of the most popular and modern hair treatment methods. With this application, the inactive bulbs in the scalp are awakened and nourishment is provided to the hair follicles. In addition to these, applying this hair mesotherapy for dandruff problems will also give good results.

Mesotherapy is a hair therapy method that must be done by an experienced specialist. A person without experience can’t make this application. It is the application of vitamins and nutrients, which are necessary for healthy hair and rapid growth of the hair, to the scalp with the help of an injection. Which medication will be injected into the scalp of the patient is decided by the doctor depending on the problem experienced by the person.

In Which Situations Can Hair Mesotherapy Be Applied?

The situations where hair mesotherapy offers solutions are some hair problems that almost everyone experiences today. The most common of these situations is trying to cope with the problem of hair loss. The problem of dandruff is one of the most common complaints of men rather than women. With hair mesotherapy treatment, the appearance of dandruff can be eliminated. Some problems in the scalp due to lack of volume in the hair, having a scratched or dry scalp, increased hair fragility and deterioration of the oil glands can be eliminated with the hair mesotherapy method.

What Kind of Changes Happen After Hair Mesotherapy?

After hair mesotherapy, the patient’s hair regains a completely healthy appearance. With the injection of beneficial components into the scalp, serious changes can be observed in the skin and hair of the person. As a result of hair mesotherapy, the patient gets rid of the problem of hair loss and has stronger hair. The activity of the sebaceous glands in the scalp is reduced, and thus the hair gains a more voluminous appearance. The dandruff problem is eliminated. While the hair gains an intense appearance, shine and smoothness are at the highest level. The person may feel a lightness while combing their hair.

How is the Hair Mesotherapy Preparation Process?

While preparing for hair mesotherapy, it is first decided which useful substance to inject the patient. Because experts prepare a mixture of useful elements for each patient separately, and 2 to 6 active ingredients are mixed in one syringe. The elements that experts turn to first are B group vitamins. These vitamins provide natural metabolism. It is also very effective in hair growth and regeneration.

Injecting copper and zinc into the scalp helps restore the strength of the hair structure. These substances are injected into people with hair loss problems. The substance that accelerates hair growth is hyaluronic acid. Especially since amino acids are the basis of the hair and contribute to the keratin fibres, they take their place among the active ingredients in the mixture.

With the injection of coenzyme into the scalp, the structure of the hair is improved and the hair becomes more voluminous and energetic. If the mixtures made with these substances bring a solution to the patient’s problem, hair mesotherapy is tried by using the active ingredient minoxidil. However, since this drug is very risky, it may cause some adverse reactions in the person.

There are ready-made cocktails for treatments that help replenish essential minerals to the hair. The healthcare professional evaluates the patient’s condition and selects the most appropriate cocktail. It is strictly forbidden to sell such drugs in pharmacies or elsewhere, and a person cannot buy and apply alone. It is possible to get information from a cosmetologist for these drugs, which are common only in medical institutions.

What is the Purpose of Using Allopathic and Homeopathic Cocktails in Hair Mesotherapy?

The use of cocktails in hair mesotherapy is a method that treats the hair in a way. Allopathic cocktails have been a treatment method that shows the effect that the person will notice instantly. Homoeopathic cocktail helps the hair to heal itself. The long-lasting effect is achieved by using these two cocktails for hair mesotherapy. Plant elements created with an aqueous solution without the use of oil and chemical components are combined thanks to cocktails.

After this treatment is applied, the body realizes its potential and becomes active. In addition to making the hair look beautiful, it can also be offered as a suitable treatment method for people who suspect any problem in their body. Hair mesotherapy is applied by using some tools under the skin of the active substances. After this application, some side effects may occur depending on the pain threshold of the person. Specially designed syringes with fine needles are needed for the application of mesotherapy. Injection treatment methods are seen as painless, but the duration of these applications is longer. Some people may experience discomfort in the back of their heads and ear. But this pain does not last long.

Is Hair Mesotherapy Treatment a Painful Procedure?

It is quite normal to feel pain during hair mesotherapy. Pain is one of the disadvantages of mesotherapy. However, one’s pain threshold is a factor that affects this situation. Some people may feel a lot of pain because they are very sensitive, while others may feel mild discomfort. The back of the head and the ear area are the most sensitive areas to injections.

Thanks to the local anaesthesia applied to the forehead hairline before the Hair Mesotherapy procedure, the Mesotherapy process is completely painless. There is only slight pain in the area where local anaesthesia is applied. Therefore, it is a very comfortable procedure.

Therefore, when pain is felt, it is more in these areas. After the hair mesotherapy treatment, the hair should not be washed to prevent any complications and discomfort. The patient cannot touch any water for 4 days. It is not recommended to do hair mesotherapy during the periods when women are menstruating. The reason for this is that women will feel much more pain during this period.

What are the Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy?

The benefits of hair mesotherapy to the person are quite high. Learning the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment before the procedure makes the person conscious. The most important advantage of hair mesotherapy is the injection of useful components into the hair follicles through injection. No cosmetic substance can deliver a component to the hair follicles. Another advantage of mesotherapy is the duration.

Because each application varies between about 20 and 40 minutes. Usually, this application is done to the person several times a week, but it should be noted that it may vary from person to person. For people whose scalp is in a very bad condition, the regeneration process of the skin begins. With the injected drug, the exact focus of the problem is determined and it acts on this point.

If the application is performed by a specialist doctor, the focus is located and this helps the effect to manifest itself more quickly. The patient feels the visible difference after the first application. Day by day, it is seen that the hair is revitalized and gains a healthy appearance. Seriously significant results can only be achieved in a month.

What are the Disadvantages of Hair Mesotherapy?

The negative side of hair mesotherapy is that the procedure is painful and painful. Generally, the severity of this pain and suffering varies according to the endurance of the person. With the constant perforation of the scalp, the patient begins to feel pain. This is affected by factors such as the individual sensitivity of the person and the expertise of the doctor. After the operation, problems such as oedema may occur on the skin and the patient’s skin may be itchy all the time.

The disadvantage of hair mesotherapy is that it is not a one-session procedure, but a repetitive procedure for the emergence and continuation of well-being.

For an average treatment, at least 10 sessions are applied to the patient. During the procedure, it is necessary to make sure that the doctor takes the necessary precautions and works hygienically.

What are the conditions that the patient should pay attention to after hair mesotherapy?

Some situations should not be done after hair mesotherapy. Hair should not be washed at the end of the procedure. For about 4 days, the person should stand with dirty hair. The use of water and shampoo adversely affects the treatment, which prolongs the healing process. Exposure to sunlight should be strictly avoided.

t is also forbidden to enter the pool or bath after the operation. It is inconvenient to massage the hair area until the injection sites are completely healed. In addition to these, using alcoholic beverages will adversely affect the effect of mesotherapy.

How Much Does Hair Mesotherapy Cost?

Hair mesotherapy treatment fee increases or decreases according to the applied substance and the number of sessions. For mesotherapy prices, it is forbidden to specify a clear price on the website. Hair mesotherapy is usually a very expensive procedure. The reason why it is expensive is the high number of sessions applied.

A fee is charged for each session. The expertise of the person performing the treatment and the clinic where the treatment is made plays a major role in the price change. People who decide to have hair mesotherapy should contact the clinic directly.



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