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FUE Hair Transplant
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Dr. Yavuz has his own clinic and offers you fue hair transplant  in Turkey with the newest SAPPHIRE FUE technique. The blades are designed to minimize scab formation and speed up the recovery process through opening smaller micro channels within the recipient site for hair implants. Also needleless Latest System Preanesthesia Device is used for anesthesia. There is maximum comfort for the patient. 

Natural Result


Dr. Yavuz draws the hairline according to the face measures. SAPPHIRE FUE Method encompasses natural hairlines, maximum density, strategic placement, temple angle closure and maximus FUE culminating undetectable hair restoration. The Channels that opened with SAPPHIRE Blade gives a  natural appearance.

All Inclusive Package

-Covid19 PCR Test
-Sapphire Slit
-Needle Free Anesthesia
-24/7 assistance

-Staying at 5 stars Hilton Hotel

-Free Airport, hotel, hospital transfers

-Lunch at Hospital
-Medicines, Shampoo after HT

-Special Hat
-Guarantee Certificate

-First Wash

-After operation follow up

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Hair Transplant Surgeon
Dr. Ziya Yavuz

2003 :He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Istanbul

2005 :He completed his training as a Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Transplants

2009:He graduated from the European Society of Homeopathy

2005-2018 :He worked as a Hair Transplant Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor in Istanbul in several clinics and hospitals, as
Estetistanbul, Liv Hospital.

AT PRESENT :He has performed more than 5000 hair grafting operations to date and is currently the Coordinator of his own doctor hair clinic at the Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital. He is a fellow member of World Fue Institute.

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You are in safe hands with Dr. Yavuz