After Hair Transplantation Operation

After Hair Transplantation Operation

Days 1 – 2

Day One is the first morning following the method (i.e. nearly 15 -20 hours after it is completed).Your bandage will be removed from your donor area and Dr. Yavuz will do a control check on you. Your donor site will be a slight injury. Dodge the act of picking or scratching the crusting on your  scalp. You may get some eyebrow or forehead swelling over the following several days. This is normal and is to be anticipated. This can be reduced by “relaxing yourself”. You should rest rather than sit straight if watching TV or reading as this will help any inflammation to disappear from your face.

Day 2

You can now get your hair wet. You will be given Dr. Yavuz medical shampoo and a foam. On the 2nd day you must use them to wash your grafts according to the way instructed by the doctor. They keep your grafts moist and help with any irritating itching. Washing routine is like this:

Washing the Grafts

  • First apply the foam on top of grafts very gently, letting the foam soak the crusts, wait 45 minutes and then stand under a gentle, lukewarm shower for five minutes.
  • Put some medical shampoo (Dr. Yavuz Shampoo) in the palm of your hand, foam it with water and then gently put the foam on the top of your head, allowing the lather to runover your head and slowly moving it over the whole head. Leave for 5 minutes and wash off, as above. But do not scratch!
  •  Leave your hair to air-dry, applying your fingers to style it, tapping gently with a paper towel. DO NOT RUB! You must wash your grafts once a day for 15 days.
  •  After washing is finished, apply the RIF Ampule to your donor area, don’t rewash it.
  • For the first 3 washes you must use the RIF Ampule to your donor area.
  • Some forehead swelling will peak now and disappear over the next several days.

Days 3 – 15

You should momentarily be shampooing everyday with a mild shampoo (Dr. Yavuz Shampoo) and a foam such as the ones we give. You should use the shampoo to the rear or sides of the head, apart from your grafts and lightly work into a lather. You should then lightly allow the foamy suds to run onto the grafts. Do not be moved to pick at the crusts but don’t be startled if any of the graft hairs come off with the loose crusts. This is absolutely normal. This should be conducted everyday as this benefits to speed up the healing process.


Days 11 – 14

The donor area should promptly be recovering fast. You can apply the Aloe Vera gel for healing to your donor area. You should avoid heavy lifting or exercise for at least two weeks and only exercise fairly gently for the first four weeks.

Day 16 – Six Months

You can immediately start to wash regularly with medical shampoo and begin to use your palm when washing. You don’t need to wash every day and you can go back to your regular hair washing

routine. It is an excellent time to have a hairstyle but not too short to start with i.e. not faster than electrical clipper setting “4”. My recommendation is to cut with scissors for the preceding 6 months. Over the following six months, the single hairs will start developing through, getting more extended everyday. It is necessary to apprehend that the hair does not seem to be “all at once” but is a progressive, random process.

Highest results are produced by 24 months. Formerly when all the hair has grown to a suitable length you can treat your hair usually – washing, drying, dyeing, cutting etc.

It is common not to notice some thickening at all before three months and it usually needs six to nine months before thick growth occurs within. It is also normal for the transplants to originally develop for  several weeks, then shed repeatedly at 4 weeks, before regrowing again.



We would like you to return for a review at 12 months to check on the growth, outcomes and fulfillment. We can examine your before and after photos and address any likely hair restoration necessities. This study is compulsory but if it is tough for you to get to see us, then please keep us notified by telephone or post or sending email photos.

We wish you a pleasant journey to having great hair.