When is the first wash done after hair transplantation?

When is the first wash done after hair transplantation?

The first wash after the hair transplant is done 3 or 4 days after the procedure. The first wash after hair transplantation consists of softening the scabs in the treated areas and washing the newly transplanted hair follicles gently without causing any damage. The first hair wash after the hair transplant is a very delicate procedure. The first hair wash should be done in the center where the procedure is performed, as the newly transplanted hair follicles will be damaged and dislodged if mistakes are made.

Since transplanted hair follicles are very new and are trying to stick to the planted area, any wrong action taken during the first wash will cause the hair follicles to be dislodged. In the first hair wash after hair transplantation, it is very important for the scabs to begin healing and for hair follicles to breathe comfortably. Since scabbing after hair transplantation will take an average of one month to pass, the patient should learn how to wash their hair correctly.

For the first hair wash, it is necessary to wait for the duration determined by the doctor and then visit the hair transplant center. This period is 3 or 4 days after the operation. Before washing the hair, creams and lotions are applied firstly to the scabbed area in order to soften the scabs on the scalp. Unless the doctor has made a special recommendation, the lotion can be any soft and viscous had or body lotion and can be purchased from the pharmacy. The lotion should be applied slowly to the scalp without making harsh movements. When the scalp is completely covered with lotion, the patient waits for 30-40 minutes. After that, the lotion is rinsed from the scalped with warm, non-pressurized water that is neither too hot nor too cold. After the lotion is completely cleansed from the scalp, the shampoo is foamed and the foam is applied to the scalp in order not to damage the hair follicles. After waiting for a while, it is rinsed with warm, non-pressurized water again.

What Should You Know About Washing Hair After The Transplant?

  • It is wrong to remove the scabs formed on the scalp with nails.
  • The purpose of the lotion applied to the scalp during hair washing is only to soften the scabs.
  • The purpose of the lotion applied to the scalp is not to nourish the hair follicles.
  • Very hot or very cold water can damage the hair follicles, they can also be a source of infection.
  • Pressurized water causes the newly planted hair follicles to dislodge, it can also be a source of infection.
  • The doctor’s recommendations and warnings should be taken into account when washing at home after the hair transplant.
  • It is important that there is a person next to the patient during washing in order to be careful.
  • If the patient is going to use a towel after washing their hair, they should gently dry their hair  without making harsh movements, and if they are going to use a hairdryer, it should be set to the lowest temperature and speed settings, without coming in contact with the hair.
  • The content of lotions, creams and shampoos used after the hair transplant is more important than the brand. If nothing is specially recommended by the doctor, natural and nourishing products that do not contain parabens and heavy chemicals should be used.
  • After the hair transplant, the patient should not forget that the treatment areas should not come into contact with water for three days. Hair follicles that do not come into contact with water for three days will be ready for washing at the end of the third day.
  • The patient should continue to wash their hair as we explained above until the scabs on the scalp are gone. After the first wash, the scabs should not be expected to be completely shed. The healing process differs from person to person. The patient should not compare themselves with other people who have had a hair transplant, this is a process and it differs for everyone.
  • If the patient has questions about washing hair, they should direct those to the best hair transplant center they have chosen for themselves.
  • The patient should not confuse hair transplant prices with hair transplant success. The patient who chooses the best hair transplant center for themselves will be primed for a successful procedure. Success and price are two different things.
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