Under-Eye Light Filler

Under-Eye Light Filler

The under-eye light filling is a treatment method applied to provide regional improvement. under-eye light filling; It is a medical intervention that has emerged with hyaluronic acid in normal skin structure and mineral peptide contents that increase brightness and improve skin quality. The app is suitable for anyone over the age of 12.

What is Under-Eye Light Filling?

An under-eye light filling in the state of increasing the need for hydration in the lower layers of the skin tissues by the injection method. under-eye problems can also cause him to look more tired and older from fatigue at a young age. With an under-eye light filling, the difference in tone between the under-eye and cheeks can be eliminated. The pits formed under the eyes can be aligned with the cheeks. So an upgrade for under-eye can be provided.

Why Do Deformations Occur in Under-Eye?

By preventing the formation of deformation under the eyes, you can make your skin tone look even. The under-eye area, which has a delicate skin structure, is also very sensitive for all kinds of interventions to be applied in the region. The skin and subcutaneous support tissue in this area are very thin. Therefore, the collagen elastin fibres in the skin in this area are thinner and lighter. The area around the eyes is the most prone to deformation compared to other parts of the face. Regional deformations may increase with ageing.

Why is Under-Eye Light Filling a Necessary Procedure?

Under-eye light filling; It is a filler that is produced for under-eye applications and ends in the eye tissue. It is called the light phenomenon because it reflects the light from the eye area, illuminates and revitalizes the skin. These substances provide rejuvenating and restorative effects around the eyes as they provide cellular structure.

Who Is Light Filling Suitable For?

Some criteria are sought in people who can have an under-eye light filling. Accordingly, the process is often; It can be applied to every adult who has bruising, bagging, pitting, eye wrinkles problems around the eyes. After the procedure, regional complaints disappear. Thus, it becomes an effective method in the opening of wrinkles in and around the eyes. Although the procedure is effective in most Under-Eye problems, lower eyelid aesthetics may be recommended for people with very large under-eye bags. This is a more accurate and effective method. In this case, the light filling may be insufficient. Since the skin of young patients will be extra delicate, the applications should be done carefully.

How is Under-Eye Light Filling Made?

With the under-eye light filling procedures, the pits in the custody are raised and the light is better reflected. In addition, thanks to its content, it reveals effects such as moisturizing, tissue renewal and flexibility. This special mixture is injected evenly under the eye with the help of injection, without causing any pain or pain during the application. After the injection, the skin rises and the purple appearance disappears. With the under-eye light filling process, the Under-Eye area is rejuvenated in a two-stage process. First, under the influence of hyaluronic acid, the subcutaneous layer is strengthened and the pits are filled. Afterwards, cell renewal is provided with the vitamins and amino acids in its content.

What Is Considered After Under-Eye Light Filling Procedures?

The process can be facilitated with the points to be considered after the under-eye light filling procedures. After the application, small redness may occur at the injection points. This redness disappears on its own in about 3 to 4 hours. Injected areas should not be rubbed during this time. No cream or cosmetic product should be applied to the face after the application. After 4 hours, your skin usually returns to normal. After this period, make-up applications can be made.

Why is Under-Eye Light Filling Done?

The purpose of applying under-eye light filling is to provide regional improvement. Aesthetic fillers are used for cosmetic purposes in many different parts of the body and face. Especially in areas such as cheeks, lips, cheekbones, nasolabial lines are frequently and successfully applied. However, since the Under-Eye area is sensitive, the skin texture is thin, and it tends to bruise and swell, there is not much success in the applications made to this area. With Teosyal Redensity 2 applications, the light hyaluronic acid in custody is changed, and a cross-linking hyaluronic acid is formed at the same time. In this case, the light filling spreads homogeneously to the area where it is applied. Included in it; protein, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants are also beneficial for dark circles.

What is the Application Purpose of Under-Eye Light Filling?

The purpose of an under-eye light filling is to prevent bruising, swelling and wrinkle factors. Visible effects are revealed by improving the problems in the Under-Eye area.

How Many Types of Under-Eye Light Filling Applications?

Under-eye light filling applications have two different types in total as Teosyal Redensity 1 light filling and Redensity light filling 2.

What is the Difference Between Teosyal Redensity 1 and Redensity 2 Light Fills?

These elements, which have a common point for under-eye light filling types, are made for regional improvements. Teosyal Redensity 1 procedure; It has a wide application area to cover all face areas, hands, decollete areas and neck. It significantly eliminates the said bruises. Redensity 2 light filling can only be applied to the Under-Eye area. It is a procedure that heals regional bruising and swelling with a long-lasting effect.

How is Redensity 2 Applied to Under-Eye Light Filling?

Redensity 2 procedure is often preferred in under-eye light filling applications. The procedure in question is characteristic of the application of the filling compared to other filling applications. The light filling is applied to the bone, not under the skin. The light filling should be given very slowly during application. It does not cause pain due to the local anaesthetic in the filling material. Since the cannula is blunt, there is no swelling or bruising. The result becomes visible immediately after applying the filling material. Swelling and bruising are almost nonexistent. After these filling procedures, which have a duration of 1 to 1.5 years, the affected area becomes visible after about 1 week.

Dark circles under the eyes occur why?

The reasons for the formation of bruises Under-Eye may be due to many different factors. Due to genetic or chronological age, decrease in bone and connective tissue, pitting and darkening occur in the Under-Eye area. Stress, rapid weight loss, irregular sleep and nutrition are among the environmental factors that increase this situation. The improvement of all these problems is possible with Under-Eye light filling applications.

How Long is the Processing Time in Under Eye Light Filling Applications?

The preferred procedure time in under-eye light filling applications is very short. The procedure can also be performed in a sterile clinical environment in 15 to 20 minutes without the need for hospitalization. Needle use may not be preferred in the process applied with a special method. Thus, the risk of hemorrhagic bruising among post-procedure complications is very low.

What is the Process After the Under Eye Light Filling Procedure?

For under-eye light filling procedures, there are points to be considered for the smooth progress of the post-application process. During the first 24 hours after the procedure, no shower should be taken, no alcohol should be used, no painkillers and vitamin drugs should be used for 3 days. You need to keep your exercises under control by avoiding heavy sports. During the first 3 days, you should not go to the pool or sauna. The application in question has a permanence of approximately 12 to 14 months. Care must be taken to capture this process precisely.

What is the Post-Eye Light Filling Care?

The most important point for care after an under-eye light filling is cleaning. In addition, some patients are recommended oesophagal mesotherapy to increase the elasticity and collagen structure of the skin around the eyes. It should not be exposed to very hot or very cold factors by being careful throughout the process.

Is Under-Eye Light Filling a Painful Procedure?

To avoid the feeling of pain in under-eye light filling procedures, topical anaesthetic cream is applied before the application to numb the area. After the Under-Eye area is anaesthetized, a sterile process is started and cleaning is done. In treatment; Redensity 2 filler, which is specially produced for the Under-Eye area by Teosyal, is used. This is a disposable and personalized opening product. It is injected under the skin painlessly with the help of a cannula without a needle. The amount of filler to be used during the application is decided by the doctor. The process is completed in about 10 minutes. There is lidocaine in the filler, which provides regional numbness. In this aspect, comfort comes to the fore.

What are the Side Effects of Under-Eye Light Filling Procedures?

Although rare, side effects may occur in under-eye light filling procedures. The under-eye light filling is an FDA-approved method. The area around the eyes, which is among the regions with the most vascular access; interventions are also open to complications. For it to result without any problems, it is necessary to work with doctors who are experts in the field. Care should be taken during any application to be made in this area, blunt-tipped cannulas should be used, and the process should be started by carefully sterilizing the procedure area. When the under-eye light filling is done by knowledgeable and experienced people, it does not have any side effects or harm. Otherwise, an infection may occur.

What are the Advantages of Under-Eye Light Filling?

The under-eye light filling is an effective and advantageous procedure. Accordingly, it draws attention to the fact that it is a painless procedure among the advantages it provides. There is no need for a surgical application. Long-term effects are revealed with short-term procedures. It is a painless application and no complications are observed within the experience of your doctor.

Is Under-Eye Light Filling a Necessary Application?

The under-eye light filling procedure is a necessary procedure and its curative effect is quite high. There is no needed alternative. Although rare, oedema and bruises may be observed after the procedure. Results are as effective as surgical procedures. Since the content of the filling material used in the application is similar to the natural structure of the skin, there is no harmful situation.

How Much Is the Under-Eye Light Filling Price?

The light filling, known as under-eye light filling and only available in elite clinics, is the Redensity 2 filling produced by the French origin Teoxane pharmaceutical company. To increase patient satisfaction and to prevent complications skillfully, the selection of a specialist physician is required. You can get precise information by contacting your doctor for under-eye light filling price information.

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