Hair transplantation

Advantages of Using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) To Reverse Baldness

Follicular unit transplantation or FUE is a process whereby the healthy hair follicles are removed directly from the scalp and grafted one-by-one into the bald region of a person’s head.

Though the underlying principal is practically the same as with other transplant procedures, FUEis a bit more popular because of its ability to deliver more natural-looking results. In addition, the process is also less painful, and takes a shorter amount of time. Usually, the healing time is determine by one’s skin type, but the grafts take in within just a few days, and any redness tends to reside after 4-5 days.

What does FUE involve?

In contrast to strip transplants, whereby entire chunks of skin are plucked and grafted elsewhere, FUE involves taking individual hairs from the back and sides of the head, and implanting them individually into the person’s balding areas.

The transplanted hairs are immune to the effect of DHT, which is the hormone responsible for causing male pattern baldness. This is because they are picked from the permanent zone located on the back of the scalp. This basically means that once transplanted, the hair is there to stay.


In most cases, a standard FUE procedure will take around 8 hours. After which, there will be a 90% permanent uptake roughly within 10months.

Is it painful?

Patients who have undergone FUE usually describe the procedure as maybe being a bit uncomfortable, as opposed to painful. In most cases, the issue tends to be boredom due to the time taken to complete it.

The advantages FUE:

  • There is no linear scar

  • Patients do not require stitches or staples

  • Body hair can be used

  • Quick healing time

  • It’s ideal for patients with short hair

  • Works well for patients who have previous scarring or a tight scalp

  • There is minimal discomfort after surgery

  • It tends to be a good choice the number of grafts required is limited

  • One can resume normal activities shortly after the procedureEvery surgery comes with its own set of risks, and FUE is no exception. This means that you have to select an experienced surgeon to minimize the chances of risk complications.

Dr. Yavuz offers his services to both men and women who suffer from baldness or thinning hair.

If you’re looking for hair transplantation surgery with Dr. Yavuz.

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